Welcome 2 my world

here, where the pictures are at the tips of my fingers and waiting for those moments when my mind it is a blank canvas ready to provoke my fantasy, and give at last spontaneous and wildly creative depictions.

° Specialties } Digital art, Drawing, Cartooning, Website Design, Logo Design, Graphic Design.

° Software } Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, InDesign, lllustrator, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Flash Pro. Corel Draw, QuarkXpress, Cad 2d - 3d, 3ds Max, Maya, Manga Studio and more.

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A few words about artist

through his artwork has aim to offer the viewer a new way of seeing the world, to describe life as magical, and rich with wonder, mystery and possibilities. Utilizes the computer as a basic tool to achieve this world

° M!ND is a digital artist with a twisted imagination and dark sense of humor. Both of which are mirrored in his art and his illustration style.

° His work is heavily influenced by the many legends and folktales. Stories filled with offbeat characters, witches, ghosts and goblins fascinates his imagination.

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° Email: info [at] themind [dot] name

° 53rd St. Manhattan
USA, New York City
NY 10019